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Re-evaluating 9/11

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The Twin Towers in New York – (c)

The tragic events that happened on the 11th of September 2001 have changed the world forever. Not only did it have a tremendous impact on the people who were in New York, in the hijacked airplanes or in the Pentagon at the time, but also for many people all across the globe who saw it happen live on television.

Even though the tragedy happened more than 11 years ago, I can still remember it as clear as day. I remember the look on the news anchor’s face when the second airplane hit the southern Twin Tower, I recall phoning a friend of mine to tell her to turn on the TV and then spending the rest of the day in front of it, not wanting to miss a thing.

Uncovering the truth
Of course my personal story is far from groundbreaking or fascinating, but realizing things aren’t always as they are presented to us, is interesting to say the least… Despite the fact I am a journalist, I know the media aren’t always right. Most journalists of course try to uncover the truth on many subjects and inform the public about it. But sometimes they are not able or allowed to tell what really happened.

There are however quite a lot of people, ranging from professional engineers to witnesses and firemen near the Twin Towers, who have technical evidence to support their claims that the official story of 9/11 might not be entirely true.

Evidence controlled demolition
There are many interesting websites with tons of (mainly technical) information about a controlled demolition, evidence that both towers didn’t collapse because of fires as a result of planes flying into them, but because of carefully placed explosives. The same goes for the collapse of WTC building 7, which went down several hours later, even though it wasn’t hit by an airplane.

Witnesses heard the sound of explosions right before the building collapsed. The testimonies are compelling, but these can be subjective or distorted because of severe trauma. Hard scientific facts however are harder to dismiss.

Possible explanations
And there are a lot of facts which suggest that both the Twin Towers and WTC Building 7 went down with a ‘little help’ from demolition experts. The evidence is hard to ignore, but of course the question remains WHY?

Is it because the United States Government wanted a reason to start a war overseas? Possibly… Did it have anything to do with liquid gold also known as oil? Perhaps… What we do know for sure is that it wouldn’t be the first time they considered the option of attacking their own country as an excuse to invade another.

Operation Northwoods
In the 1960’s the Joint Chiefs of Staff (top generals of the US armed forces) created a plan in which they proposed to attack cities in the United States to justify military intervention in Cuba. The country became communist under the authority of Fidel Castro. The proposals were rejected by the Kennedy administration, but it does show that the idea itself isn’t original or unthinkable.

It would be terrible if it turned out that people within the US government or maybe even the president knew and agreed to use a concept similar to Operation Northwoods for 9/11, regarding countries in the Middle East. But when you look at the history of mankind, it is clear that people are capable of committing horrible crimes in order to gain or maintain financial wealth and power. Unfortunately, ordinary citizens often become the victims of this hunger for control and prosperity.

Of course I would love to charm my way into the White House and ask the American government what REALLY happened on the 11th of September, but I highly doubt they would tell me. I am neither in the position to uncover the truth, nor is it my intention to convince my readers that the official story about 9/11 is a lie, I just want people to become more aware of the possibility that there is more to these international affairs than you’re being told on the news.

We may never find out the complete truth about those horrible events on September 11th, but the least we can do is keep searching for it, compare the evidence and come up with our own conclusion.

Author’s Note: Pat Uskert, thank you for your help regarding this subject and for sending me down the ‘rabbit hole’!


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