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Review: My Trip to Canada

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Coal Harbour in Vancouver, Canada

Coal Harbour in Vancouver, Canada

Lazing around on the beach, shop, go out, get drunk, stay in bed till noon…for many people that’s what their annual vacation looks like. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just not my style, my friends and family can certainly confirm that! Here’s a quick overview of what my vacation in Vancouver, Canada looked like. It’s random, it’s unconventional, it’s way over budget! But it was my perfect holiday.

I like to travel solo. It has many benefits and so far I’ve never felt alone. Well, maybe just for a few minutes while I had my dinner in a family restaurant with nobody to talk to. But other than that it has many benefits and you get to meet people who you wouldn’t have a conversation with, if you were with a friend or family member.

Pilot Dan and I after a smooth tour over Vancouver Harbour.

Pilot Dan and I after a smooth tour over Vancouver Harbour.

Things I did during my 8 day stay in Canada (Yes, it’s short, but I need time to get rid of the jetlag before I start work again a few days later!):


Interviewed a firefighter of the Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services (which I had planned in advance for my series of articles in the category ‘Dream Jobs’). I also did spontaneous interviews with an übercool SWAT-team on the ferry from Vancouver to Victoria, two police officers in front of the hotel, who showed up just as I was planning on finding one for my article, and two pilots of the floatplanes in Vancouver Harbour. Why? The two most important reasons: the articles on my blog and for the simple reason I’m very interested in talking to people with fascinating professions. Being a journalist is fantastic for approaching people about different kinds of subjects!

Lobby Fairmont Chateau Whistler

Lobby Fairmont Chateau Whistler

It’s not about the money…money…money… or is it?

As I mentioned my vacation was way over budget. I’m not going to name any prices, but it’s not something I can do too often on my copywriter salary! I stayed at the Fairmont hotels most of the nights, which is something I put on my bucket list many years ago. I spent a total of 3 nights at the Fairmont Pacific Rim, 1 night at the Fairmont Empress in Victoria and 1 night at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler. (Where also a scene of my favourite TV series Psych was previously filmed there!) You have no idea what luxury is until you’ve been at one of these hotels. The rooms are amazing and the people are so welcoming! Some of the staff went out of their way to help me out when my trip to Seattle had to be called off because of the ever so suspicious US Customs… in the end I was happy it turned out the way it did, but at first I was shocked about the enormous amount of bureaucracy and things that were needed for a visum. At the same time had this sensational feeling of gratitude for the people who assisted me in the improvised planning of those 3 days!

THE staircase which was used in an exciting scene for the movie Shoot to Kill with Tom Berenger and Sidney Poitier

THE staircase which was used in an exciting scene for the movie Shoot to Kill with Tom Berenger and Sidney Poitier

All about food, feet and fangirl mode

Food, long walks and fangirl-ism. I spent quite a few hours just roaming through Downtown Vancouver, Whistler and Victoria. But my favourite spot was the Sea Wall towards Coal Harbour. The sights are breathtaking and because the weather couldn’t have been better, it looked almost fake. I couldn’t believe everything was that pretty. Downtown Vancouver has to be the cleanest place I’ve ever seen. Lots of nature too and with mountains in the background of the harbour…downright wonderful. I also hopped over to Robson Square, fangirl mode on… a scene from Shoot to Kill, an action movie from 1988 with Sidney Poitier and Tom Berenger, was filmed there! I have seen that movie about 10 times, so I was ecstatic: “it’s the staircase from the chase sequence at the end of the film!”. Yes, embarrassing, but I had fun!

Of course that’s not all of it, but those are some of the highlights…

What does your perfect holiday look like? Let me know in the comments!


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