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Three minute interview with a mystery SWAT-team…

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SWAT-team (c)

SWAT-team (c)

I interviewed a Canadian SWAT-team for three whole minutes! Yes, it was my shortest interview ever, but it was interesting nonetheless! 

I was on my way to Victoria on Vancouver Island, on the ferry from Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay, when something caught my eye. Five young men, fully dressed in their SWAT gear, sitting at a table in the onboard restaurant. They all wore sunglasses, despite the lack of sun. Yes, they were aware of the fact they looked badass. On moments like these my journalist instinct takes over. Unfortunately, I was carrying a cup of curry soup. So I decided to eat that first, then approach them. Correction: finish my soup, go to the bathroom to check my make-up, THEN proceed tot approach them… voice recorder at the ready!

Improvising Questions

They agreed to answer a few questions for an article on my blog. Keep in mind I had no questions prepared… if I had, the interview would’ve taken approximately three hours instead of three minutes. I wanted to know why they chose their this intriguing profession.

“Because it’s sort of like an Alpha male position and we’re all guys, we all like action,” SWAT guy number 1 told me. “That’s why we chose the SWAT-team.” The rest of the guys nodded.

“It’s a very high paced job and you always have to stay alert,” his colleague continues. “It’s one of the strong characteristics we all share.”

“It requires a certain level of expertise,” one of the guys chips in.

“And at the end of they day you’re helping people. That’s what we’re aiming for,” another colleague concludes.

I asked them about the most exciting case they worked on, but that’s a question that the men didn’t want to answer. “That’s confidential,” they all said. :-/

They were however less secretive about their age. It ranged between 25 and 27. The guys had been together as a team for almost two years and from the look of it, they enjoyed each other’s company. But is it action all day when the guys show up for work? “No, it’s actually rather quiet a lot of the time!”

I decided to leave it at that. I thanked them for their time and continued to the other side of the ship to enjoy the rest of the journey. No picture unfortunately, but they probably would’ve confiscated my camera and thrown it overboard because their identities are confidential! I respect that, but it’s a shame I can’t show you guys how macho they looked… oh well, you just have to use your imagination. 😉




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