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Christmas Mayhem in Munich


The gorgeous city of Munich, Germany (c)

The gorgeous city of Munich, Germany (c)

Yesterday night I got back from my weekend trip to Munich. Yes, I know, I hardly take the time to settle down, I MUST TRAVEL! I stayed at the Fleming’s Hotel near the Hauptbahnhof or for you non-Germans: Central Station. It was absolutely gorgeous! Very modern. If you’re sharing your room you’d better not be shy though… the shower has a glass window. So make sure to close the curtains if you don’t want people admiring your soapy moves!

Fleming's Hotel Munich City Centre (c)

Fleming’s Hotel Munich City Centre (c)


I stayed there for 2 nights, arriving Friday evening and leaving Sunday around 3 pm to go to the airport. I rushed to the subway to go to the Viktualienmarkt, a very famous and lovely looking market in the city centre (Marienplatz). If you don’t like big crowds, do visit the market in the early morning when the Germans and tourists are still having their Frühstück or breakfast, combined with a large pint of beer, which takes a while because the portions are huge!

Viktualienmarkt, Munich (c)

Viktualienmarkt, Munich (c)

When I get tired of walking I like to hop on the publich transport. It takes you off your feet and you get to enjoy the sights of the city for a reasonably low price. Especially if you sit at the back of the tram (U-Bahn) you get to enjoy the beautiful views from behind a large window. And don’t forget to smile at the people sitting across from you. Germans can be a bit reserved, but it’s great to see them come in with a slightly sour face and then smile at you, hehe!

Random things I learned in Munich

Every city trip abroad I learn something new. Sometimes it’s deep and meaningful and I cherish every person I learn from 🙂 In Munich I found out some personal stuff, but also very light and upbeat things. Like the fact that they sell the best blueberry muffins ever at Munich Airport. And that there are more American and Asian tourists in the city, than there are Germans! The third very important thing is, be friendly, and people will be friendly to you! It’s the Universal Law of Resonance. Be good and good will come to you. Keep the smile on your face and the world will greet you back! I love it.

Have a great day and let me know if you ever been in this gorgeous German city, if so, what did you think of it? 🙂


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5 thoughts on “Christmas Mayhem in Munich

  1. Munich is sooo beautiful! Expensive to live, but one of the most beautiful cities in Germany.

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