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My Bucket List


I so envy this man. (c)

I so envy this man. (c)

Bucket Lists are incredibly personal. What gets you excited, might make me nauseous and what sends me over the moon, might bore the crap out of you. Good thing too, life wouldn’t be that interesting if everyone was aspiring to the same goals. A conversation with a friend of mine inspired me to write down my goals. Some of them are things I’ve always wanted to do, others are just for the heck of it. And if anyone reading this can help me achieve these goals, please get in touch with me!

– Interview with Kiefer Sutherland

Yes, this man always gives me the chills in a positive way. Every time he threatens someone in 24 I just melt. That voice!

– Write a bestseller

If you know me well, you’ll know it will be an action packed novel with secret agents lurking around every corner. Combining this goal with my first one: getting a call from a Hollywood producer informing me Kiefer Sutherland will play the lead in the movie adaptation of my bestseller!

– Learn how to Jet Ski 

I used to be crazy about the Nintendo 64 game Wave Race. The plan was to jet ski with my dad on a holiday in Spain when I was about ten years old. Plans changed after he accidentally hurt his foot by stepping on a thingy that literally translated means ‘Sea Hedgehog’. Fifteen years later I still haven’t been near a jet ski.

– Dinner with Jeff Goldblum and Mike Rowe

These men… for those of you who don’t know: Jeff Goldblum is an American actor (Jurassic Park, Independence Day) and Mike Rowe is the presenter of Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs… are the most charismatic, funny and interesting people on TV I’ve seen in quite a while. Dinner with them in a fancy restaurant would be a dream come true.

– Listening to the song Car Wash, while going through the car wash: CHECK!

It was amazing.

Author: MissMavrodaphne

My name is Veronique and I’m a journalist/copywriter from the Netherlands with a fascination for all kinds of subjects. From my greatest passions: interviewing and writing, to random things like the British Secret Service and storm chasing…

2 thoughts on “My Bucket List

  1. There’s a saying that goes: “if a goal is not written down it’s not a goal but a wish.” So it’s good to put them on paper! (Or electronically) Cool Blog! 🙂

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