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What makes a dream job?

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Many people have already taken the steps towards that exit. (c)

Many people have already taken the steps towards that exit. (c)

One of the best aspects of my job as a journalist and freelance copywriter is doing interviews. For instance, I love it when people tell me about their jobs and how much they love it. They basically radiate happiness. On the other hand, I also come across a lot of people who inform me with ‘passion’ how much they loathe their job, boss or working hours. Hence my curiosity about the subject ‘dream jobs’. But what makes a job an actual dream job?

It’s a difficult question which I don’t think has one definitive answer. For one person it means having a lot of authority and the influence to make a difference, for another one it’s about having creative freedom. But the common goal remains the same: having a job that is both satisfying and stimulating. I want people to say the kind of things American actor and director Tim Matheson told me, when asked ‘what makes your job the best in the world?’: “It’s my passion! My dream come true! My play time! And, my church!” That’s the kind of enthusiasm everyone should have when it comes to their profession. After all, happy and motivated people can make a positive difference in the world. What good does it do you or your loved ones when you’re moping around and being structurally miserable because of your job?

Els Ruiters – graphic design and dtp

Dutch graphic designer and writer Els Ruiters is among the people who have chosen the right profession for themselves. “I don’t think there is anything I could do that would bring me more joy, than the things I do now. So I made the right decision by choosing graphic design and desktop publishing (dtp). I like the fact it’s creative and technical as well. Those aspects combine well. Life doesn’t get any better than this for me,” she concludes.

Mike Evans – history professor and writer of role-playing products

Mike Evans from New Jersey is slowly, but steadily working towards his career goal. “I would love to be a history professor at a university or community college,” he says. “I really like history and get excited if I can help others see it isn’t all just boring and painful. Teaching others to love history and the importance of it all is my goal. You constantly see themes repeating themselves throughout human history. It is crucial to understand this and see how events have occurred in the past, so we can learn and avoid similar happenings again. However, if this dream doesn’t come true, that is something I can accept, because I have other avenues of work and passion to focus on.”

One of those avenues is writing. “Making money writing role-playing products (like Dungeons and Dragons), would also classify as a dream job. Role-playing to me is just pure passion and enjoyment. It is a shared story, full of excitement, jokes, laughing and fun. I’m currently ediiting my first book for publication and have several others in development (early notes and such) and I hope to be in full production by 2015!”

Personal values

The reasons why people are attracted to certain jobs or careers, are often tightly related to their personal values. Think about it… people who love to work with the law most likely hold ‘justice’ in high regard. Others value a challenging or adventurous job and for example become a firefighter or join the army. For me creativity, diversity, freedom and inspiration top the list of personal values. Which values do you live by?

A little motivating author’s note

As far as I’m concerned, the world would be a better place if people concentrated more on finding their passion and looked into the possibilities of turning a hobby into a career. Because it is possible, the evidence is all around you. Numerous people are living a great life because they decided to pursue their dream job and believed in their goals. Do yourself and everyone else a favour and go for that dream job! You’ll thank me later!

Yes, if in some way (no matter how small), this article helped you take that leap of faith and you make a succesful career change… you can thank me by arranging an interview with Kiefer Sutherland, or get me my dream job behind the scenes of a movie or documentary as a creative assistant. 😉


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My name is Veronique and I’m a journalist/copywriter from the Netherlands with a fascination for all kinds of subjects. From my greatest passions: interviewing and writing, to random things like the British Secret Service and storm chasing…

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