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5 things I love about London


The gorgeous city of London by night (c)

The gorgeous city of London by night (c)

London is one of my favourite places in the world and I go there as often as I can. This capital city has a combination of unique qualities that, as far as I’m concerned, can’t be found anywhere else. Here are 5 things I love about London…

 –          A feeling of ‘the sky is the limit’

The city is huge in terms of population. You never know who you’re going to meet or run into, or what you’re going to see, and that’s part of what makes it so exciting to walk around the city centre. I’ve had wonderful conversations with complete strangers over a cup of tea! They might not result in lifelong friendships, but I do cherish the fond memories that remain. There is also so much to do in terms of arts, theatre, film, music and comedy, that it’s almost impossible to get bored. Or as British author and linguist Dr. Samuel Johnson eloquently put it hundreds of years ago: “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life”. Hear, hear!

–          Many interesting sights and places within walking distance

If you’re a tourist, visiting London for the first time, this is a very convenient element of this city. Landmarks such as Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square are all located within walking distance of each other. You’ll have plenty of time to hang out, do a bit of sightseeing and maybe some souvenir shopping afterwards.

–          The incredibly friendly people (and their sense of humour!)

I’ve yet to come across a rude Englishman. Well, that’s my experience anyway. I appreciate the dry sense of humour as well, that many native Londoners seem to have. When it comes to helpfulness, the people in London deserve an award. They go out of their way to help you if you’re lost or want information on something. And no, they’re not doing it for gratuities!

–          Prêt à Manger

Okay, this is a very personal one. I have a love for these restaurants that goes very deep. Luckily for me I’m always close to one, because Prêt à Manger restaurants are based on practically every street corner in London. Some say this fondness of food is unhealthy and that I should seek professional help. But I’m not planning on doing anything about this food-related obsession anytime soon, I’m enjoying it to the max! We don’t have these restaurant chains in the Netherlands, so when I’m in London it’s delicious porridge with honey in the morning, sandwiches in the afternoon and soup with cheese baguettes in the evening! Sad, I know…

–          The West End

Any self-respecting theatre lover should visit a West End show at least once a year. The amount of shows the West End has to offer, is amazing! Not to mention the high quality actors and actresses performing on stage! On top of that, the theatres look very high class and beautiful on the inside. A sophisticated night out in London, what more could you ask for?

What do you love most about London? Let me know in the comments!


Author: MissMavrodaphne

My name is Veronique and I’m a journalist/copywriter from the Netherlands with a fascination for all kinds of subjects. From my greatest passions: interviewing and writing, to random things like the British Secret Service and storm chasing…

5 thoughts on “5 things I love about London

  1. Loved this list, especially the point regarding friendly people 🙂 Also the interesting sights and places. If you like architecture you may find useful an architecture guide I did for myself and for friends

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