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Most Entertaining Movies – Summer 2014

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Movies (c)

Movies (c)

My local cinema has made a fortune from all my visits this summer, but it was worth the money! The past few months there have been so many great movies to choose from! But which were the most entertaining of this summer? In no particular order…

Chef (c) Dartmouth.spoonuniversity

Chef (c) Dartmouth.spoonuniversity


I had seen the trailer a few times and immediately liked the cast and story, but what I liked most is the way the movie made me feel. I felt like I wanted to travel the USA in a foodtruck, while I don’t even enjoy cooking! Jon Favreau, the young Emjay Anthony and Sofia Vergara all did a great job, but John Leguizamo was the highlight of the movie for me. He’s such a chameleon, convincing in every role he plays. In Chef he plays Martin, the loyal, optimistic friend of Jon Favreau’s character Carl Casper, who helps make Cuban food truck ‘El Jefe’ a nationwide success. This movie has a relatively slow pace, which is a delightfully refreshing change in this day and age. To sum it up: a fantastic feel good movie for all ages, with a talented cast!

Walking on Sunshine (c)

Walking on Sunshine (c)

Walking on Sunshine

If you love musicals with cheerful songs, exotic locations and lots of romance, then this is a movie you can’t miss! Walking on Sunshine is named after the ultimate feel good song of the past decades and it lives up to its expectations. The two leads, played by Hannah Arterton and Annabel Scholey, are a superb casting decision. Both ladies are a joy to watch and clearly had a good time making this movie. The fact that most people can probably tell how it ends, is no problem. Just sit back and enjoy the music and contagious fun on screen! My favourite scene is the one in which Doug, played by Greg Wise, tries to win back Maddie whilst singing Human League’s Don’t You Want Me. Great fun! My sister, a friend of ours and I were singing along to Bananarama’s Venus in the car on the way back from the cinema. That’s the sort of effect this movie has on people! 


Let's Be Cops (c)

Let’s Be Cops (c)

Let’s Be Cops

I saw this one twice! The plot is relatively simple: two friends discover the perks of pretending to be cops which, of course, gets them into trouble! The fun Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. had during filming, really shows on screen. The fact they’re friends in real life helped the chemistry as well, I’m sure. Let’s Be Cops reminded me of the television comedy series Scrubs in the way that it nicely balances comedy and drama. Actor and stand-up comedian Rob Riggle particularly played a good part in achieving that balance, as the real cop in the movie. The bad guy freaked me out a bit though. James D’Arcy played that role so well, it was maybe a bit too dark for a comedy. But he does prove he makes an excellent villain. The next James Bond baddie perhaps? Anyway, I really loved how it all comes together in the climax of the movie. No, I’m not going to spoil it, you just have to see it for yourself… and don’t forget to watch the extra scenes during the end credits!


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