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Review: An Evening With Sir Roger Moore

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An Evening With Sir Roger Moore (c) Pollingerltd

An Evening With Sir Roger Moore (c) Pollingerltd

Although the title makes it sound as if I had a private meeting with the man himself…there were a few hundred other lucky people in the Churchill Theatre in Bromley on Thursday the 2nd of October. The 87-year-old actor, who portrayed iconic roles such as James Bond, Lord Brett Sinclair in The Persuaders, Simon Templar in the Saint and Ivanhoe, chatted with biographer Gareth Owen on stage about his impressive career and private life. 

Roger Moore may be well past the average retirement age, but he sure hasn’t lost his eloquence and sense of humour! He had the entire audience roaring with laughter within a few minutes. I particularly appreciated the witty banter between the actor and the biographer, who clearly enjoyed each other’s company on stage.

The Persuaders

Although I know Roger Moore first and foremost from his role as 007 (and I honestly think he’s the best Bond so far), it’s his work on The Persuaders, alongside American actor Tony Curtis, that I love the most. He told quite a few amusing anecdotes about his co-star and their work on set. One of them involved not being allowed to smoke in front of Tony during their first meeting for the series, because he was the spokesperson for an anti-smoking campaign at the time, while a few weeks later Mr. Curtis himself got caught at the airport carrying marihuana…the naughty boy!


During the break, people in the audience could text and tweet questions to Sir Roger, and a few lucky ones would hear their questions being answered by the man himself. Unfortunately, my question ‘which film or television series did you enjoy working on the most?’ didn’t make it. I like to think the only reason it didn’t get picked, was because my Dutch phone somehow failed to send my text, rather than my question not being interesting enough! The final question was a request to talk about his work as a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF. Roger Moore is extremely passionate about his involvement with the United Nations Children’s Fund and gave an amazing speech about it… An impressive and fitting ending to a fantastic evening with a living legend.




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