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Review: Speed-the-Plow with Lindsay Lohan

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Nigel Lindsay, Lindsay Lohan and Richard Schiff in Speed-the-Plow (c)Theatermania

Nigel Lindsay, Lindsay Lohan and Richard Schiff in Speed-the-Plow (c)Theatermania

Friday the 3rd of October I went to the Playhouse Theatre to see Speed-the-Plow, a play by David Mamet about power, intrigue and seduction in Hollywood. Compliments to the three actors Lindsay Lohan, Richard Schiff and Nigel Lindsay, and director Lindsay Posner for a very entertaining evening!

The amount of dialogue and the quick-fire delivery of those lines requires a knack for timing and good teamwork. If English isn’t your first language this kind of interaction may cost a bit of effort to follow, because the emphasize lies on fast-paced dialogue. But that should’t be a problem if you know the storyline. The most important thing is to enjoy the talent and high energy on stage.

Power and lack of love

I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Richard Schiff’s character, who’s a powerful man in the movie business, but is aware of a certain thing missing in his life: love. It seems like everyone wants something from him and merely pretends to care about him. The games people play to get what they want, is a story of triumph and broken hearts. Just as I imagine life in Hollywood can be.

Second act

The best parts of Speed-the-Plow take place after the intermission. One is the scene between Lindsay Lohan and Richard Schiff in the latter’s apartment. It’s equally funny and moving. Both actors set the tone just right. The other highlight is the confrontation between Nigel Lindsay and Richard Schiff in which things get pretty violent. I felt sympathy for both parties as the arguments for their decisions and points of view made sense. It’s all about reaching goals at all costs. Eventually a person might get what he or she desires, but the price they pay is often a high one…

Speed-the-Plow is in the Playhouse Theatre in London’s West End till November the 29th.


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