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Review: Miroslav Nemec, Udo Wachtveitl and Michael Fitz – Benefit Concert In Munich

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The Tatort München threesome (c)

The Tatort München threesome (c)

In Germany they are known as the stars of the popular television series ‘Tatort München’, but Miroslav Nemec, Udo Wachtveitl and their former colleague Michael Fitz are not only gifted actors, they’re also passionate musicians. On Saturday the 20th of December 2014 they held a benefit concert in the ‘Muffathalle’ in Munich, in honour of their friend Klaus Kreuzeder. The famous German saxophonist died in November of this year. Kreuzeder contracted Polio when he was very young and, despite sitting in a wheelchair, managed to perform on stage and touch people’s lives with both his talent and personality. The profits of the concert will go the aid of the ‘Polio Initiative Europa’.

Those who have seen Nemec, Wachtveitl and Fitz in Tatort München, will know that the emphasis lies on the drama. However, during the concert they could show their lighter side and brilliant sense of humour. (Whoever said Germans have no sense of humour, couldn’t be more wrong!) Nemec and his band Asphyxia performed mostly rock songs, Wachtveitl, supported by his musicians, was more into jazz and blues, while Fitz let the audience enjoy his acoustic guitar songs. Each man with his own genre, style and of course allure! Plus their chemistry on stage is clearly visible, after all… the men have been working together for many years.

Udo Wachtveitl, Michael Fitz and Miroslav Nemec (c)

Udo Wachtveitl, Michael Fitz and Miroslav Nemec (c)

Chemistry and highlights

The chemistry between the audience and the performers on stage was fantastic as well. A combination of great music, good atmosphere and witty jokes made this concert an absolute joy to watch and listen to. There were a few pleasant surprises during the evening: Nemec’s daughter Nina and Fitz’s son Emanuel each performed a song with their dads, demonstrating that talent runs in the family! Halfway through the concert the former mayor of Munich, Christian Ude, gave a heartfelt speech about the cause of this concert. But the biggest surprise came when Nemec and Fitz joined Wachtveitl on stage, dressed as French women. Wachtveitl claimed he had two daughters as a result of a romantic adventure in France years ago. The men were clearly enjoying themselves and that kind of positive energy is contagious. All in all, a musical evening to remember! Which raises a very important question for the fans: when will the men schedule their next concert?

Click here for my interview with Michael Fitz after his concert in Meerbusch last year.


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