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10 Reasons To Go And See Cinderella


Cinderella - I want that dress! (c)

Cinderella – I want that dress! (c)

Fairy tales are such a pleasure to watch. It takes us back to the time where young girls fantasized about becoming a princess and boys wanted to be prince charming. Kenneth Branagh directed the 2015 adaptation of the classic Cinderella story and it’s visually breathtaking! Ten reasons to get over the excuse of ‘fairy tales are only for children’ and plunge into the magic of this Disney classic…

Enchanting views

The sets, the kingdom and the costumes are just gorgeous! A true feast for the eyes, as they would probably say in the old times.

Cate Blanchett

The Australian actress is in total bitch mode throughout the movie and it looks like she’s enjoying it!

That dress!

Whoever designed the fantastic girly blue dress Cinderella wears, is a fashionable genius. I could hardly take my eyes off of it. #DressEnvy

The stepsisters

Lead actress Lily James’s Downton Abbey co-star Sophie McShera and actress Holliday Grainger play her arrogant stepsisters. I really enjoyed their scenes, excellent casting!

Glass shoes

High heeled shoes made of shiny diamonds… who doesn’t want to try on one of those?! Unfortunately, there is only one girl who fits the shoe.

Richard Madden in Cinderella (c)

Richard Madden in Cinderella (c)

Prince McDreamy

Actor Richard Madden is a very handsome man, there’s no getting around it. He is prince charming or ‘the McDreamy of Disney movies’ after all…

 The castle

The prince’s castle is magnificent and visually exactly as it should be.

 The mice

They are just too cute. Still makes me wonder how much of it was CGI. They looked incredibly real, so good work, special effects guys and girls!

 Dramatic gestures

The exaggerated lady-like gestures and poses Cate Blanchett strikes are delightful. I might not be able to resist myself and try to open the door in a similar fashion. Not sure if the effect is the same without an expensive looking dress or dramatic hat though…

 Romance as it should be

Of course, the magic ingredient of every fairy tale: romance! ‘Love conquers all’ is the message and I couldn’t agree more. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to find my prince charming…

Author: MissMavrodaphne

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2 thoughts on “10 Reasons To Go And See Cinderella

  1. Great post! I saw Cinderella, and I thought it was better than the classic!:)

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