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10 Reasons To Go And See Fast & Furious 7

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Fast and Furious 7 (c)

Fast and Furious 7 (c)

The Fast & Furious movies are one of my guilty pleasures. I don’t care how ‘Ludacris’ (no pun intended) the plot or action scenes are, I love it. The seventh one was as enjoyable as I expected it to be. The real F&F fans don’t need to be persuaded, but here are 10 reasons to go and ‘race’ to the cinema for Furious 7! 

Bus dangling from cliff scene

The most epic scene in the movie was the one where Brian (Paul Walker) runs over the roof of a bus, which is about to fall down a cliff. He jumps and manages to grab onto the back of Letty’s (Michelle Rodriguez) car. Completely ridiculous, but incredibly breath-taking to watch! 

Dwayne Johnson – any scene

The man just steals every scene he’s in, by just being there. His biceps is kind of distracting, but ‘The Rock’ is so much fun. He has the best oneliners and radiates ‘coolness’ wherever he goes.

Overall awesomeness

Fast cars, over the top action, defying the laws of gravity and reality on screen… what’s not to love? 

Cast of Fast and Furious 7 in Abu Dhabi (c)

Cast of Fast and Furious 7 all dressed up in Abu Dhabi (c)


Dom (Vin Diesel) goes on and on about family in the past couple of Fast and Furious movies, but the man is right. Family (and friends) are the most important thing in life. And overall good physical and mental health, I guess.

Comedic timing

Tyrese Gibson is hilarious and has fantastic comedic timing! Loved it when Tej (Ludacris) forced him out of the airplane with the click of a button. 

Belgian ale and Corona beer

Someone has an obsession with Belgian ale and promoting Corona in this movie…

Ramsey’s hair

Maybe it’s a girl thing, but Ramsey’s (Nathalie Emmanuel) hair looks stunning! #SlightHairEnvy 

Bad girl Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez has such an amazing tough girl image and her fight scene with professional fighter Ronda Rousey looks great! Wouldn’t want to get in trouble with either of them. 

Action sequence in Abu Dhabi

Because using a ridiculously expensive car to jump through not one, but two skyscrapers in Abu Dhabu might not be very realistic, but it is jaw-droppingly awesome!

 Paul Walker tribute

Some might call it cheesy or not fitting, but I thought the tribute to the late Paul Walker at the end of the movie was truly touching. 

Looking forward to Fast and Furious 8!    


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