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5 Reasons To Go And See Spy

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Jason Statham, Melissa McCarthy and Jude Law star in Spy (c)

Jason Statham, Melissa McCarthy and Jude Law star in Spy (c)

An action comedy about spies with a far-fetched plot and elaborate infiltration plans? Sounds like my favourite movie! Spy, written and directed by Paul Feig, exceeded my expectations by far. I enjoyed each and every scene so much I’m going to see it again! Here are 5 reasons to infiltrate your nearest cinema and enjoy Spy, with a Martini. Shaken, not stirred…

Jason Statham
English actor Jason Statham is known for his action movies and tough demeanor. In Spy he’s basically doing the same thing he always does, but with a huge wink. He plays a rebellious agent, who keeps on bragging about his macho antics, while keeping a straight face at all times.

Rose Byrne
Australian actress Rose Byrne plays the wonderfully bitchy bad girl with a huge hairdo. I find her convincing in any role I’ve seen her in, but this one is my favourite so far. Despite her dressing as a “slutty dolphin trainer” as Melissa McCarthy so eloquently put it.

Bats in the basement
Try guiding suave spy Bradley Fine (Jude Law – obviously applying for the job as the king of spies: James Bond) through a dangerous mission in a luxurious villa, whith bats flying through your hair… Hilarious opening scene, which set the right tone for the rest of the movie. Randomness galore!

Melissa McCarthy and Peter Serafinowicz in Spy (c)

Melissa McCarthy and Peter Serafinowicz in Spy (c)

Peter Serafinowicz
English actor Peter Serafinowicz might be my favourite character in the entire movie. He plays the Italian seducer stereotype delightfully well. Watch out for the funny twist at the end, which makes you question his nationality…

The many exotic locations
From Paris to Rome and Budapest… you can’t make a spy movie without filming breathtaking views of different European cities.

Did you see Spy yet? What did you think of it? Leave a comment and let me know!


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