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Review: Take That – Live At The 02 Arena

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Take That live at the 02 Arena (c)

Take That live at the 02 Arena (c)

Watching Take That perform at the 02 Arena in London, from the comfort of the local cinema was a spectacular experience. Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and Howard Donald, (or to quote a part of their opening speech: “…what’s left of Take That”), prove that they are still brilliantly talented artists, even as a threesome.

The actual concert took a while to get started. I’m sure the fans around Europe who were watching the music extravaganza in cinemas, all heard Gary’s singing voice in their head at some point, telling them to “have a little patience…”. Luckily the Take That concert was most certainly worth the wait. 

Up-tempo repertoire
Gary, Mark and Owen included almost all of their hit songs in the show: from Could It be Magic to The Flood and from the more recent These Days to golden classic Back For Good, which actually brought tears to my eyes. I couldn’t pick out one song I disliked. Most of them were up-tempo, which perfectly matched the energetic and colourful dancers, who did a marvellous job in setting the right tone during the entire show.

Take That's gorgeous concert stage (c)

Take That’s gorgeous concert stage (c)

Fluorescent jellyfish
The stage was equally impressive and quite a sight to behold. Glowing jellyfish, shadow play, geisha dancers and stunning light effects… no expenses were spared. It’s impossible to get bored during a concert like this, there’s always something interesting to see. Compliments to the set and costume designers for creating this vibrant feast for the eyes.

Cycling above the audience
Even though practically the entire concert was a highlight, there were a few moments that really stood out for me. I particularly enjoyed Take That’s performance of Affirmation where they looked like robotic scientists (trust me, it looked better than my description sounds!), Mark and Gary’s ballet-like dance and the moment they got on a bike with sidecar, to cycle over the heads of audience members. Sheer magic.

Golden eyesore
Surely there were also aspects of the 02 Arena show that were disappointing? Yes, but I can only recall two things that stood out like a sore thumb: Mark’s shiny golden jacket, which looked plain ridiculous. My eye just started twitching involuntarily every time the camera zoomed in on him. Yes folks, thát was the worst thing of the entire show, so that’s saying something about the quality of this concert. The only other frustration was the fact I wasn’t at the 02 Arena to witness this event up close! I can only hope the men of Take That continue to make music and perform for many years to come…

Have you seen the concert at the 02 Arena or in the cinema? Let me know what you think by leaving a comment!


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