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5 Reasons To Go And See Terminator Genisys

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Terminator Genisys (c) Dailymotion

Terminator Genisys (c) Dailymotion

Terminator Genisys is one of those movies I just had to watch. Arnold Schwarzenegger in one of his epic roles, a ridiculously confusing storyline and Australian actors posing as macho Americans… I’m in! Here are 5 reasons to “get into da choppaaah!” and fly to the nearest cinema.

Action overload
Where there’s Arnold, there’s action. And there is a load of it in Terminator Genisys. Nothing we haven’t seen before, but that’s okay! You’re unlikely to doze off in your seat… in fact, you’ll probably be sitting on the edge of it!

Jason Clarke
Actor Jason Clarke pops up in blockbuster movies left, right and centre and I’m not complaining! The 47-year-old Australian is a pleasure to watch and a welcome addition to Hollywood’s A-list. Keep them leading roles coming!

Arnold Schwarzenegger with creepy smile (c)

Arnold Schwarzenegger with creepy smile (c)

Arnold’s creepy, yet hilarious smile
Arnold Schwarzenegger’s weird grin definitely got the most laughs of all the gags in Terminator Genisys. I mean, just look at the picture and give that man an Oscar. (If you want to laugh some more, check out this video of Australian comedy duo The Umbilical Brothers impersonating our favourite Australian bodybuilder.)

Cheesy oneliners
Phrases like “We are humanity’s last hope!” and “On this night we take back our world!” makes me inwardly cringe and cheer at the same time. But “I’ll be back” is the oneliner I was looking forward to hearing the most.

Wait for it… stay patient until the credits are almost finished. Because then you will see a boring, yet hopeful little scene that reveals there’s another Terminator movie coming!

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