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An Interview With Actor Exie Booker

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Actor Exie Booker

Actor Exie Booker (c) E Booker

Exie Booker has quite an impressive resume. The American actor worked on many well-known TV-series: from Sons of Anarchy to Pretty Little Liars, and from The Mentalist to Criminal Minds, but he’s also busy filming movies. Time for a Q & A session!

What or who inspired you to become an actor?

“I wasn’t really inspired by anyone, I just kinda of fell into it by accident. After going with a friend to his audition, a guy I used to work with at Exxon Mobile Oil Refinery who was persuing acting, the day I gave him a ride to his audition, was the day I booked my first job on Castle.

What are you working on at this moment?
“The TV show Heartbreaker and ShowTime’s I’m Dying Up Hereproduced with Jim Carrey.”

Many people will recognise you from quite a few popular, top quality series such as Criminal Minds, Sons of Anarchy, Pretty Little Liars, and The Mentalist. What was it like to work on these series?
“It’s a learning experience; being around such talented actors and actresses forces you to become better. It’s a class in front of you.”

Exie Booker - Criminal Minds

Exie Booker – Criminal Minds

Which series you worked on did you enjoy watching the most?
“Criminal Minds and The League.”

On which series did you have the best time on set and why?
“On Criminal Minds and Scorpion. I enjoyed working on Criminal Minds because I’m a fan of the show and the experience was amazing. Actors Shemar Moore and Thomas Gibson were so down to earth, it was like visiting family you haven’t met before and they greeted me with hugs… a very welcoming and fun set to work on, even though I was a prisoner! And as for Scorpion, wow, having the opportunity to work with the Terminator 2 liquid metal himself, Robert Patrick, was amazing. This man has so much knowledge, just watching him work on set and how he deals with the cameras; this was nothing but a master class.”

You co-created and played in the TV-series Borderline Coyotes. Is working behind the scenes something you aspire to do more in the future?
“I find myself really leaning towards the writing side in the near future.”

What kind of roles would you love to play?
“I’d like to play a fun loving silly dad and husband.”

Which actors/actresses or directors would you like to work with in the future
“I would love to work with ‘The Rock’ Dwayne Johnson and John Singleton.”

Check out more information on Exie Booker on IMDB and follow him on Twitter and Instagram!


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