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An Interview With Actor Matthew Ziff


Actor Matthew Ziff (c) M. Ziff

Actor Matthew Ziff (c) M. Ziff

Actor Matthew Ziff started his professional career as a young child, when he showed a remarkable talent for modelling and acting. The now 25-year-old American is preparing for the lead role of Flavian Bennett in the upcoming mystery thriller The Dark Return Of Time. Filming starts early this summer in Paris and London, where he will be joined by fellow actors Eric Roberts, Bill Cobbs and Hélène Cardona, among many others. 

“I’m very excited about this movie project. As an actor I always find it interesting to bring a character to life. You’re given the lines and a brief description of your role… but it’s up to you to take that and make Flavian, in my case, an actual, living human being,” Matthew explains. “Plus, it’s going to be fantastic to work with all these great actors. I’ve worked with the amazing Eric Roberts on the recently released Six Gun Savior, a western which I also produced. So I’m looking forward to working with him again and with his lovely wife, actress Eliza Roberts. I’ve been on Eric’s and Eliza’s internet radio show a couple of times as well, which was good fun. And my mother, actress Lorraine Ziff, is also part of our wonderful and interesting cast!”

From London to Paris
“I love the story of The Dark Return of Time and I am very fond of reading, so I have read the original novel, by writer R.B. Russell and the script, by Todd Niemi and Rosalie Parker a couple of times already! The plot revolves around a young man (Flavian Bennett). He has fled England, after his girlfriend died in a car accident, to go live with his dad and work in his bookshop in Paris. He blames himself for the death of his lover and is not in the most stable state of mind,” Matthew clarifies. “Not long after arriving in the French capital, he witnesses a crime and that’s when the mystery really starts.”

Matthew Ziff will play the lead in The Dark Return Of Time (c) M. Ziff

Matthew Ziff will play the lead in The Dark Return Of Time (c) M. Ziff

Industrial Engineering Degree
When Matthew’s work on The Dark Return Of Time is finished, he has even more to look forward to… The young actor has quite a few movie projects coming up, so it’s safe to say his acting and producing career is going very well! But should Matthew choose to switch careers, at least he’s got the papers to do it. In 2014 he graduated from the University of Miami with a Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science in Industrial Engineering, specializing in bio-mechanics.

“Even as a child I loved building things and playing with robots,” he recalls. “That’s why I found this study incredibly interesting. But apart from being truly interested in the study, I think it’s important to have something else to fall back on. Especially in the entertainment industry, because life in Hollywood is very competitive and unfortunately not everyone finds a paid job in this business.”

Love and support
“I have been very lucky and grateful to have the full support and encouragement of my family, in terms of my decision to become an actor. If there are any parents reading this, whose son or daughter wants to pursue acting… do try and encourage them,” Matthew advises. “Make sure they have a back-up plan, but let them try it. Because acting can be a very tough profession, if you don’t have the support of the people close to you. But in the end, it’s worth it. You just never know what happens next!” 

If you like to know more about Matthew Ziff, please check out his official website: and follow him on Twitter: @MatthewZiff and Instagram!



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