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An Interview With Author/Producer Janice Win Biehl

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Janice Win Biehl (c) J. Win Biehl

Janice Win Biehl (c) J. Win Biehl

 Exciting times lie ahead for Janice Win Biehl. She recently published the first book of her trilogy Stranger In The Worlde: M2M, but is also working on the pre-production of turning her three books into a movie trilogy ánd working as a producer on the upcoming movie The Dark Return Of Time. Janice talks about her latest projects and the best aspects of working as a writer/producer in the entertainment industry.

At the time of the interview Janice is working at home in the United States, but the New Zealand native is no stranger to travel and recently spent time in Paris meeting musicians such as Olivia Lawson (The Voice, UK) and the band headlining for Santana and working on the soundtrack for The Dark Return Of Time, Backbone (Adam Vadel, Keaton Simons, Tre Hardson).

Picture, front row, left to right: Olivia Lawson, Keaton Simons, Janice Win Biehl. Back: Trey Hardson, Aaron French, friend of the band and Adam Vadel. © J. Win Biehl

Picture, front row, left to right: Olivia Lawson, Keaton Simons, Janice Win Biehl. Back: Tre Hardson, Aaron French, friend of Backbone, and Adam Vadel. © J. Win Biehl

International team
“I became involved with The Dark Return Of Time thanks to my friend Ian Reed, an English producer for the movie,” Janice explains. “He’s a true professional and really passionate, as am I, about the upcoming movie. It’ll be exciting, mysterious and engaging. Ian was also very encouraging about the movie script I wrote, based on my fantasy novel Stranger In The Worlde: M2M. So now we are joining forces with the goal of turning the script into a movie trilogy. It’s a thrilling, yet sometimes slightly overwhelming process, but we’ve assembled an international team of people in the movie, music, and literature industry, to make this project happen.”

Stranger in the Worlde - M2M (c) J. Win Biehl

Stranger in the Worlde – M2M (c) J. Win Biehl

Synopsis of the book: Stranger In The Worlde: M2M 
She’s odd, she’s charismatic. You want to go on the journey with her, a journey into future Worldes, a journey on the edge of chaos, a journey where the thoughts you think of become the things of reality. Mind to Matter. Stranger In The Worlde. A story of hope. A young teen carries a secret so powerful that leaders of worldes will stop at nothing to get it. Her quest becomes not only to survive but to unleash her secret’s hidden powers. This ignites a spell binding journey of faith, courage, and love, which will decide not only her survival but the survival of all the worldes. (Source:

Labour of love
Stranger In The Worlde is a labour of love. I wrote it from the perspective of a teen foster child named Nikea. She’s had an abusive childhood, she’s flawed, and yet she’s a strong person, who is ready to make a change in her life. I made a comparison with myself, when I was a teen. I was also trying to figure out where I belonged and whether or not I had a gift to share with the world.  In the book we get to experience Nikea as she embraces change and musters the courage to step up and do what needs to be done, to achieve her goals. M2M in the title stands for: Mind to matter… turning a dream into a reality,” Janice clarifies. “Being able to share and use Sci-fi fantasy as a metaphor for empowerment and courage is a dream fulfilled for me.”

“One of the best experiences for me as an artist is ‘creative flow’, where my ego disappears and the writing, music or sculpture comes from a pure place. I’m also beyond honoured to have the collaboration and support of so many talented people for this project. I’m thankful to American actors Eric Roberts and Hélène Cardona, principal actors in The Dark Return Of Time, who wrote excellent endorsements for my book, as did Sandi Thom (Platinum UK musician) who, in addition, worked on the music album.  I took what was once a simple idea, a thought, and turned it into a reality. Stranger In The Worlde. M2M.”


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