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Dream Jobs: An Interview With Scriptwriter Todd Niemi

Scriptwriter Todd Niemi (c) T. Niemi

Scriptwriter Todd Niemi (c) T. Niemi

American screenwriter Todd Niemi’s passion for writing began at a young age. He turned it into a profession by working as a technical writer, but his real passion lies with creative writing. Todd’s first movie script, an adaptation of author R.B. Russell’s novel Bloody Baudelaire, was turned into the movie Backgammon. More exciting times are on the way, because another script he worked on, The Dark Return Of Time, will be made into a movie this year.

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An Interview With Actor Matthew Ziff

Actor Matthew Ziff (c) M. Ziff

Actor Matthew Ziff (c) M. Ziff

Actor Matthew Ziff started his professional career as a young child, when he showed a remarkable talent for modelling and acting. The now 25-year-old American is preparing for the lead role of Flavian Bennett in the upcoming mystery thriller The Dark Return Of Time. Filming starts early this summer in Paris and London, where he will be joined by fellow actors Eric Roberts, Bill Cobbs and Hélène Cardona, among many others.  Continue reading