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An Interview With Bass Player Billy Sheehan

Bass player Billy Sheehan. Photograph (c) by Larry DiMarzio

American bass player Billy Sheehan is one of the most versatile and sought-after musicians in the business. The 68-year-old’s professional career started in the seventies and he has touched and entertained people worldwide with his music and performances in successful bands as Mr. Big, The Winery Dogs, The David Lee Roth Band and Talas. The past year Billy has kept himself busy, despite the lockdowns. Not only by working on music, but also by developing a few other talents…

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An Interview With Director Mel Damski

Director Mel Damski (c)

Few people in the entertainment industry have such a long and diverse filmography as Mel Damski. The 74-year-old American director has worked on numerous acclaimed television series, movies and documentaries, such as ‘Psych’, ‘Ally McBeal’ and ‘Everybody’s Baby: The Rescue of Jessica McClure’. Over the years he has won a Christopher Award and has been nominated for an Academy Award and two Primetime Emmy Awards. He talks about the highs and lows of his impressive career in the demanding world of showbusiness and gives a glimpse into his current documentary project.

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An Interview with Singer-Songwriter Eric Martin

Singer Eric Martin Photo (c) William Hames

American singer and musician Eric Martin (60) rose to fame with hard rock band Mr. Big in the early nineties. The members scored a worldwide number one hit with the ballad To Be With You and have been succesful both as a group and with their own music projects. During the Covid-19 pandemic there are hardly any concerts, but it’s a good time to catch up with Eric and have an online chat about his songwriting, the politeness of Japanese audiences and a funny story involving Paul Rodgers, David Coverdale and Chinese chicken salad.

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Short Story – Takuya

Bergen - Norway - Picture (c) Veronique Heijnen
Bergen – Norway – Picture (c) Veronique Heijnen

Apart from articles, I also write fiction. This story is about a 30-year-old woman named Mackenzie who seems lost in life. Until she meets her spirit guide Takuya during her stay in the Norwegian city of Bergen. It’s the start of a very interesting day for her…

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An Interview With Author Stephan Lee

Stephan Lee - K-Pop Confidential (c) The Nerd Daily
Stephan Lee – K-Pop Confidential (c) The Nerd Daily

‘K-Pop Confidential’ is the name of Stephan Lee’s debut novel and it’s a treat! Set in the glamourous, yet highly competitive world of the South Korean K-pop industry, the book is not only entertaining, but also sheds light on how tough the life of a young popstar trainee can be.
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An Interview With Singer-Songwriter Eric Bazilian

Eric Bazilian - (c) E. Bazilian

Eric Bazilian – (c) E. Bazilian

After decades of songwriting, singing, producing and performing, The Hooters’ Eric Bazilian is still as active in the music industry as ever before. The 66-year-old Philadelphia native has created major hits with his own band, but also for dozens of other talented artists such as Joan Osborne (One of Us), Ricky Martin (Private Emotion), The Scorpions (The Best Is Yet To Come) and Amanda Marshall (Believe In You). In the summer of 2020 Eric is going on an extensive Hooters’ 40th anniversary tour through Germany, but he’s working on several music projects with different artists as well.

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A Quick Q&A With South Korean Rockband Hey Men

South Korean rockband Hey Men (c) Hey Men

In September 2019 I had the pleasure of seeing the South Korean rockband Hey Men perform on the infamous streets of Hongdae, Seoul. They certainly knew how to get the crowd dancing along to their music! Time for a quick Q&A with these three talented young men. Continue reading

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An Interview With Actor Justin Shenkarow

Actor Justin Shenkarow (c)

Working in the entertainment industry has always been every day life for American actor Justin Shenkarow. The 38-year-old had numerous guest appearances on TV shows and dozens of commercials under his belt at a very young age. Justin gained international recognition for his lead role in the series Eerie Indiana and for voicing bully Harold in the hit animation show Hey Arnold!. This year his focus is on the creation of his own projects.

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An Interview With Actress Magdalene Vick

Actress Magdalene Vick (c) Maura Grace Hooper

Professional actress and voice-over artist Magdalene ‘Maggy’ Vick stars in both theatre productions and feature films. She recently played Pam in the action movie A-X-L. To people across the globe she is primarily known as ‘the hot girl’ in Ray William Johnson’s renowned online sketches. Continue reading