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Dream Jobs: An Interview With World Traveller And Blogger Turner Barr

Turner Barr working with elephants (c) Turner Barr

Turner Barr working with elephants in Thailand (c) Turner Barr

World traveller and successful blogger Turner Barr (30) started his hugely popular website Around The World In 80 Jobs two and a half years ago. The American travels around the globe and tries out all kinds of jobs. From inspiring fun professions to downright strange ones. 
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Dream jobs: Firefighter part 1 (Netherlands)


When you see a fire, your natural instinct is to run away from it, as far and as fast as possible! Things are different for firefighters. They have to face the danger in order to save lives. But running into buildings that are on fire, is only part of the job. Therefore I’m glad chief John Widdershoven of the firefighter unit in Brunssum was kind enough to talk to me about what it means to be a firefighter, chasing exotic animals and why you seldom see an job advert in the newspapers for the fire department. Continue reading