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An Interview With Actress Magdalene Vick

Actress Magdalene Vick (c) Maura Grace Hooper

Professional actress and voice-over artist Magdalene ‘Maggy’ Vick stars in both theatre productions and feature films. She recently played Pam in the action movie A-X-L. To people across the globe she is primarily known as ‘the hot girl’ in Ray William Johnson’s renowned online sketches. Continue reading



An Interview With Irish Comedian Frank Cronin

Irish comedian and actor Frank Cronin (c) K. Barraclough -

Irish comedian and actor Frank Cronin (c) K. Barraclough –

The life of Irish actor and comedian Frank Cronin would make an exciting novel. Not only does the Dublin native have a taste for adventurous activities, but he has also spent a few years in the Irish Defense Forces as a lieutenant, lived in a tent for almost a year while studying at the National University of Ireland and set up a bar and a restaurant while living in Mexico. For the past two years Frank has been living in Los Angeles, after having been awarded a full scholarship at the prestigious Stella Adler Academy of Acting. On top of having become a household name in his native Ireland, he has rapidly become one in the United States as well. Continue reading