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An Interview with Actor Sean Power – AmStarDam

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Jonathan Readwin, Eric Lampaert and Sean Power in AmStarDam © Lennox Brothers

Jonathan Readwin, Eric Lampaert and Sean Power in AmStarDam © Lennox Brothers

The city of Amsterdam is like Disneyland for grown-ups, especially for people who visit the capital of the Netherlands for the first time. In the upcoming movie AmStarDam, directed by the Lennox Brothers, the magic is enhanced on screen in a comedic fantasy setting. Actor Sean Power, who plays one of the leads, lifts a tip of the veil of this visually enchanting movie. 

“This film truly promotes everything about Amsterdam that’s magical. It’s a modern Jack and the Beanstalk tale. Although it incorporates marijuana, it’s not about people smoking weed and going to the infamous Red Light District. It’s not about that,” Sean emphasizes. “The story is about Jack, a young man who goes to Amsterdam in search of his estranged father Mick, which is the character I play. Jack finds him and, through magical circumstances, helps Mick with his ailing business. It’s a genuine feel-good movie, which doesn’t follow the typical Hollywood formula. AmStarDam celebrates the classic Grimm Brothers’ fairy tale and it sort of depicts the fantasy Amsterdam as people experience it for the first time when they come off the train.”

Lennox Brothers

Many people love the Dutch capital so much they decide to stick around for a while. “One of the directors of AmStarDam, Wayne Lennox, actually lived in Amsterdam for six years. He and his brother Lee Lennox are primarily known for their music videos and they have worked with famous artists such as The Rolling Stones, Kid Cudi and Ellie Goulding. AmStarDam is their first feature film. The brothers did a great job, they’re fantastic directors. In fact, the whole cast and crew were a joy to work with,” Sean recalls.


The movie stars Belgian actress Eline Powell as Desiree. “Eline has all the makings of a Hollywood starlet,” he says. “She’s like the next Holly Golightly, from the famous 1960’s movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s with Audrey Hepburn. In AmStarDam Eline is the damsel in the bad guy’s tower, who works for her uncle Eddie and his minions. Mick used to run a weed business with this guy. But his former business partner now runs a successful, more commercial coffeeshop called the Jolly Green Giant. This hilarious role is played by actor Kenneth Collard. Then there’s of course Jonathan Readwin, the talented young actor who plays my son Jack, and comedian Eric Lampaert brings comic relief as Loz.”

Sean Power (c)

Sean Power (c)


Sean plays Jack’s father Mick, who is about to lose everything he has because of evil Eddie. “My character is a true ex-surfer and ex-hippie,” Sean explains. “He’s extremely optimistic concerning the whole ‘peace hippie thing’. I think if Kurt Cobain from Nirvana hadn’t been such an angry young man and if he had ended up living in Amsterdam, I’m sure he would’ve become like Mick!”

For more information on AmStarDam, check out the Lennox Brothers’ official website, the AmStarDam Facebook page and Twitter account, and stay tuned for the latest news on this adventurous comedy with a fairy tale twist!


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