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An Interview With Actor Julian Miller (Spy)

Actor Julian Miller (c)

Actor Julian Miller (c)

Julian Miller plays bad guy Nicola in Paul Feig’s hit comedy Spy, alongside Melissa McCarthy, Jason Statham and Jude Law. A dream come true for the Dutch actor, who thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this movie project. Time to find out a bit more about Julian’s roots, landing the role in Spy and his biggest challenge on setContinue reading


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Dream Jobs: An Interview With Film Journalist Stefan Pape

Filmjournalist Stefan Pape during an interview (c) S. Pape

Film journalist Stefan Pape during an interview (c) S. Pape

Being a journalist is hard work, but the perks can be awesome! Stefan Pape studied Journalism and started out working for a sports magazine, but rolled into the film world four years ago. Watching movies, interviewing famous people and getting paid for it? “It’s definitely a dream job,” Stefan confirms.

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