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An Interview With Actor Julian Miller (Spy)

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Actor Julian Miller (c)

Actor Julian Miller (c)

Julian Miller plays bad guy Nicola in Paul Feig’s hit comedy Spy, alongside Melissa McCarthy, Jason Statham and Jude Law. A dream come true for the Dutch actor, who thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this movie project. Time to find out a bit more about Julian’s roots, landing the role in Spy and his biggest challenge on set

His fascination for England, and London in particular, started at a young age. “When I was about ten years old and lived in the city of Castricum, I wanted to swim across the North Sea towards England,” Julian recalls. It’s a good thing he didn’t embark on this dangerous endeavour, but waited until he was in his mid-twenties to make the safe journey to London. Before immigrating, he studied Marketing & PR in the Netherlands and worked for the prestigious Joop van den Ende Theatre Productions. In 2004 Julian got the chance to study at the Royal Academy of Music.

True passions
“I enjoyed the year I studied music very much, but eventually came to the conclusion that I should focus on my biggest passions: acting and writing,” he explains. “I’ve written a few short films, in which I act and direct as well. I also create an online comedy series called Dave McG TV, which is a lot of fun to do. It allows me to vent my creativity between acting projects.” 

Julian Miller as Nicola in Spy (c)

Julian Miller as Nicola in Spy (c)

Going for it
In 2014 he set his sights on a role in the movie Spy, by the same director of box office successes Bridesmaids and The Heat. Both movies also starred actress Melissa McCarthy. “I saw the online casting call and I just knew that was my role! I had to have it and persuaded my agent to get me an audition. The director was enthusiastic about my performance and a few days later the contract was signed and I was on my way abroad to film my scenes.”

Main challenge
Julian spent a few weeks filming in Budapest, before production moved to Paris. “It was amazing and hardly felt like work at all. The hardest bit was trying to remain calm and professional,” he laughs. “It was so much fun. The other actors were very friendly and approachable and it’s those kind of people that director Paul Feig chooses to surround himself with on his projects. I know people in movies say those sort of things all the time, but the people on Spy were really a joy to work with.”

Why should people rush to the cinema and see the movie Spy?
“Because it’s really good to laugh, preferably a lot. It’s feels like a nice release. Spy is one of those films where the laughs just keep coming and you just forget everything else around you. It’s a perfect escapism!”

Having seen the movie twice, I couldn’t agree more! Keep an eye out for Julian Miller, because his star is on the rise and we’re going to see and hear a lot more from this actor!


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