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Actor Julian Miller brings ‘Game for Fame’ to the Netherlands

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Game for Fame - the Dutch version

Game for Fame – the Dutch version

The life of actor Julian Miller (born as Ronald Beentjes in the Dutch city of Castricum) is interesting to say the least. He played a bad guy in the blockbuster action comedy ‘Spy’, writes, directs and acts in the online comedy series Dave McG TV ánd recently made a Dutch version of the popular board game ‘Game for Fame’.

Actor Julian Miller (c)

Actor Julian Miller (c)

The 36-year-old is enjoying his versatile and international career in London, where he’s been living for the past fourteen years. How did he become involved with Game for Fame?
“A few years ago David McGranaghan [from Dave McG TV] and his business partner Joe Pitcher wanted to do something creative and productive in their spare time, next to their acting jobs, so they got started and came up with Game for Fame,” Julian explains. “It takes time to make a success out of a new game, but after David and Joe made it available on Amazon, it sold out quickly a number of times. So I thought it would be a good idea to translate it into Dutch.”

What is Game for Fame all about?

Game for Fame is the best-selling party board game that gives everyone a chance to race from ‘on the dole’ unemployment to superstar celebrity status in a series of hilarious activities. Money Maker cards see you working in teams to make your way round the board. Can you get your mouth around the trickiest of tongue-twisters? Gargle the national anthem? Or instantly become a convincing cross-breed by making the noise of a pig while moving like a penguin? How good is your French accent? Or your Australian? Under the pressure of the timer, these and many more crazy challenges might not be as easy as they sound.

Goal of the game
“The goal of playing this game is to have a really good time with friends and family and to laugh a lot. There is a competitive element in it, which can stimulate the players to give it their best shot, but it’s not a game that makes people fight and accuse each other of cheating… I have three brothers and that is how our games often used to end,” he laughs. “But this game is meant to be tongue-in-cheek and not taken too seriously. The important thing is that everyone has fun playing Game for Fame.”

Raving reviews
The Dutch version of Game for Fame came out in August 2015 and the positive reviews have been flooding in ever since on the websites of and Is this success an inspiration for the development of a new game?
“Well… David McGranaghan and I are working on a new game with a Christmas theme,” Julian reveals. “It’s a light-hearted card game, which also involves a lot of funny activities for people to do. An excellent way to spend the festive season. At this point, that is all I can tell you about it!”

I am looking forward to playing Game for Fame myself and finding out more about the Christmas themed game in the future! If you want to order Game for Fame (Dutch or English), check out and! For more information about Julian Miller, read my interview on the movie Spy.


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