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An Interview With Actor Anthony Ingruber – The Age Of Adaline

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Anthony Ingruber as William Jones jr. in The Age of Adaline

Anthony Ingruber as William Jones jr. in The Age of Adaline

Actor Anthony Ingruber has lived a very international life so far. Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Cyprus, the Philippines and the Netherlands have all been called ‘home’ at one point. His uncanny impressions of actors such as Gary Oldman, Sean Connery and Harrison Ford have led to a role in the romantic science fiction movie The Age of Adaline. And not just any role… the 25-year-old plays the younger version of Harrison Ford’s character William Jones.

 “It was a very exciting and also scary thing for me to do,” Anthony admits. “I went from small independent films and my own YouTube channel to portraying a man I idolized for years and was such an inspiration for me to pursue acting. I got the chance to meet Harrison and it was one of the most wonderful moments of my life. Just meeting my hero and finding out he’s such a warm and kind person was one of the highlights. I’m really grateful for that.”

Summary – The Age Of Adaline

In 1937 Adaline Bowman has an accident that will change her life forever: she won’t age another day. As a result of this Adaline doesn’t allow people, who may uncover her secret, to get close to her. But a meeting with the handsome Ellis Jones turns her world upside down.

In a nutshell… why should people go and see it? 
Actor Anthony IngruberAnthony Ingruber: “I personally think The Age of Adaline is a beautiful film with terrific performances. The story truly resonates with people and it’s very romantic.”

Working with Blake Lively and speaking Dutch with Michiel Huisman
“The filming of The Age of Adaline was both bewildering and educational. I learned a lot working on the set,” Anthony says. “I found actress Blake Lively really talented, professional and driven. She knew how to approach the scene and it was great to work with someone like that, and have her as a co-star. I had never met Dutch actor Michiel Huisman before and we didn’t get to work a lot together, but he was very nice. After he was told I live in the Netherlands, we spoke a few words in Dutch. To be honest the whole cast and crew were fantastic to work with. They were hard workers, but they also created a very positive work environment. Being the new ‘fish’ is scary, but everyone went out of their way to accommodate me and make me feel at ease.”

Reactions from fans and future projects
“Now the movie has been in cinemas and is out on DVD, I have been getting lovely messages from people on Twitter, who enjoyed the movie and support my future projects. That’s something I really appreciate and it keeps me going. There are plans for a movie on young Han Solo [Harrison Ford’s character in the Star Wars franchise] and I’m working hard on making that happen. The amount of fan response towards me has been overwhelming and I’m beyond flattered that people would want to see me as this iconic character. If it happens, that would be great! Also motion capture and more voice over work in video games is something I really love doing. Movies and video games are two of my favourite things and nowadays they sort of overlap. Video games are becoming more like interactive films. It’s something I enjoy being involved with and would love to pursue.”

Anthony does look a lot like a young Harrison Ford!

The resemblance between Anthony and young Harrison Ford is uncanny.

I’m sure we will hear a lot more about this talented young actor! The Age of Adaline is out now on DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital HD. Check out Anthony’s official website: and follow him on Twitter: @AnthonyIngruber.


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