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An Interview With Actress Sabrina Dickens

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Actress Sabrina Dickens (c) S. Dickens

Actress Sabrina Dickens (c) S. Dickens

British actress Sabrina Dickens is one of the busiest actresses in Welsh independent film. The 27-year-old has starred in various feature films, short films, music videos and worked as a model. She recently won two Best Actress Awards (International Independent Film Awards & the Accolade Film Competition) and received praise from critics for her lead role in the musical drama My Lonely Me. And she has plenty more to look forward to!

Director Joe Scott, who directed My Lonely Me, also cast her in the lead role for his upcoming movie Is This Now, which is based on true events. “I am incredibly happy that Joe wanted me to play another lead in his next feature film, it is a real honour! He is such a kind soul, and it’s wonderful to work with a director who sees great potential in you,” Sabrina says. “My role is a very sensitive one. It’s about a girl who was abused when she was a child at an orphanage, and the film centres on her struggle to adapt to normal life, when meeting new people, making friends and falling in love. Rehearsals have now begun, and we will be shooting it this summer. I can’t wait to get started!”

Actress Sabrina Dickens

(c) Sabrina Dickens

Jurassic Park
Sabrina’s passion for acting started quite late in life. “Around the age of fifteen,” Sabrina recalls. “I was watching Jurassic Park for the first time and I was just blown away! That’s when I knew I wanted to become an actress. Especially actress Ariana Richards, who plays Lex, was such an inspiration to me as a teenager. Not long after having seen the movie I joined acting clubs, went to college and studied drama, and then in 2011 I graduated from the University of South Wales with a BA (Hons) Drama degree.”

Love for Horror
Sabrina’s recent roles in dramas and thrillers are very different from the ones she used to play after her training. She starred in movies such as Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection, Silent Night Bloody Night: The Homecoming, Blaze of Gory and Granny of the Dead. “I started off in quite a few horror movies. Horror is my favourite genre! The roles can be physically and emotionally demanding, which I love to push as an actress and the storylines are always just plain crazy! That is what makes it so much fun to do. But particularly in this kind of genre, there is the possibility of getting typecast. That is why I’m so grateful that I get to act in other genre movies as well, even though I will always love horror!”

The Walking Dead
At this point in her career Sabrina is mainly focused on movies, but one of her future career goals is aimed at a smaller screen. “I would love to be in a television series one day. Series like The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones are not only great for watching, but it would be a dream come true to be a part of the amazing cast. I would also love to work alongside Oscar winning actress Julianne Moore. I find her incredibly talented because she is so versatile, and what I love more is she does a lot of research for her roles. I truly admire actors who research deep into their characters. And of course, my childhood idol: American actor Barry Pepper. He is not only a terrific actor, but also a down-to-earth and wonderful human being. We are now even Twitter buddies, after he followed me for my birthday last year!” she adds with a big smile.

(c) Sabrina Dickens

(c) Sabrina Dickens

Trust and chemistry
One thing Sabrina finds important when it comes to her co-stars, is trust. “In many of the films I have done, I have worked with some of the same talented and wonderful actors I knew from previous projects. Actors such as Darren Swain and Aaron Jeffcoate. I got along with them so well that we are now good friends. Friendship and trust just makes it easier to work well together, because you automatically feel comfortable with one another and you support each other. A perfect example of great chemistry is between Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. Their relationship on screen feels so authentic because they are not only amazing actors, but they are also very good friends in real life. You can’t fake good chemistry!” she concludes.

If you would like to read more about Sabrina Dickens, check out her official website and follow her on Twitter and Facebook!


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