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Actress Sabrina Dickens takes time off acting to focus on backup career

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Sabrina Dickens starts a course in Animal Studies.

Sabrina Dickens has recently revealed her plans for a forthcoming break on Twitter, in order to ‘follow a new dream’.  The multi award-winning British actress, last seen in the drama feature film Is This Now is putting acting less of a priority, in order to focus on her own personal development, which is to complete a course in Animal Studies.

“Working with animals has always been something I would love every moment of,” she says. “so I want to take some time out and focus on this new career goal, and just enjoy the freedom from the industry for a while. I couldn’t be more excited!”

Tough decision
“Choosing to go back into education was a tough decision,” she admits. “Especially after much consideration and then recently receiving two more best actress awards from my latest film ‘Is This Now’ just added to the pressure. But I know it’s for the best. As an actor, we often find ourselves in a never ending cycle, where we keep telling ourselves every day that someday, ‘maybe something bigger will come’. But I realize now, that I can’t live my whole life on ‘maybes’. The brutal reality is the clock is against us, and life still goes on. But the good news is there is no age limit to acting, so I can always come back.”

Life of normality
“I’m at the prime of my life now, and when you meet someone and want to live that life of normality: have your own home, get married and one day have a family… the occasional acting job here and there unfortunately won’t pay for a mortgage or help support a family.”

Actress Sabrina Dickens

Find a second passion
“It has been amazing to follow my dreams all these years and to have four best actress titles too, I know I will treasure these achievements forever. I still love acting, and I will still act in the future, but that kind of spark has dimmed a bit and has blossomed into something else. The only regret I have was back in education years ago when I was naive and stubborn: all I wanted to do was acting and acting only. When really what I should have done, was try and discover my second passion sooner. Otherwise, while your acting has gone quiet, you might have to apply for any job to support yourself, and end up hating the job.”

“But by backing yourself up, you can follow up on something else you love, where you know you won’t have to check your watch every 10 minutes till home time. So for those wanting to pursue a future career in acting – always make sure to study a backup career as well, because to have a long lasting career as an actor is not a guarantee. You could be quiet for weeks or sometimes even several months! Therefore, try treating it more of a hobby and not a full-time priority. ”

Creating a secure future together
“These days couples both need to be working, and I am not the kind of person who can happily watch my partner cover the main costs, just so I can fulfil my acting dream. He has dreams of his own too. However, we both share one dream, and that is to have a family someday. I strongly believe in equality, and I want to be able to contribute and create that secure future together.”

New journey
“I would like to thank everyone for all the support you have given me over the years. You have been truly amazing! But this is not goodbye forever. I will still do acting when I can, and still have films due for releases:  ‘Is This Now’ and ‘Granny of the Dead’ which is now available to purchase at HMV, ASDA and Amazon! I hope you will continue to follow me on my new journey.”

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